Tech Tools are lists of mobile apps and web-based technology tools that the USA library staff have personally vetted as tools that could be useful to you as students. At least the basic version of all the tech tools are free.


Calculate by QxMD - Clinical calculator and decision support tool

DynaMed Plus - Point-of-care reference tool with info based on current evidence. Subscription-based app provided by the USA Library. Watch our video on how to download the app

diigo - Bookmark and organize online resources

Guideline Central - Easy access to clinical practice guidelines - iOS and Android

ICD10 Consult - Instant reference tool for ICD10 codes

READ by QxMD - Mobile app linking users to key medical journals

VuMedi - Free (with registration) collection of medical education videos

Alarmy - Never sleep through another alarm  - Personal task manager for school and life

CamScanner - Scan and save documents on the go (free pro account with .edu email)

Cloud Storage - Save your documents online; access them anywhere:

IFTTT (If this, then that) - A multipurpose tool for controlling your smartphone (e.g. If my phone is connected to USA wifi, then put phone on vibrate)

Sanvello - Follow this app’s breathing and relaxation techniques to help relieve stress

Productivity and Collaboration Tools:

  • Evernote - A notepad on your smartphone, plus more
  • HeySpace - Task management software for teams

Rescue Time Lite - Time management software

SmallPDF - Compress, merge, split, and convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, or JPEG files

Speechnotes - Online dictation tool that transcribes what you say into text. Available on Chrome or as an Android app

Studious - Scheduler that automatically silences your phone in class (Android only)

Twilight Blue Light Filter - Decreases the blue light your screen emits so you can sleep better and have less eye strain. Android only. Note that iPhones have a similar app built in called Night Shift

WhatsApp - Cross-platform mobile messaging app

Physical Therapy

American Physical Therapy Association podcasts - Official APTA podcasts for physical therapists and students.

Ask Mike Reinold Show - Discusses everything, ranging from fitness to sports performance to career.

British Journal of Sports Medicine podcasts - Focuses on pain science and education, athlete health, and sports medicine.

Clinical Podcast - Expert talks about issues and trends in clinical care and health sciences.

Duck Legs Podcast - Features practitioners to learn from their success in the field.

The Gait Guys - Topical conversations in neuroscience, clinical practice, gait analysis, etc.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart - In-depth conversations with experts in business, healthcare education, physical therapy, etc.

The Knowbodies Podcast - Three PTs having a conversation about health and healthcare.

Mechanical Care Forum - Focuses on patient care in mechanical diagnosis and therapy.

New Medical Nomads - Focuses on the life and career of a traveling therapist.

Pain Reframed - Two physical therapists talking about pain science and education.

Pain Science and Sensibility - Two physical therapists discuss current research in pain science.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Podcast - Great resource on all topics of pediatric physical therapy.

The Physical Therapy Business School Podcast - Learn how physical therapists can be successful business owners.

Physio Matters - Features in-depth explorations in the issues and trends of musculoskeletal science and sports medicine.

PT on ICE - Institute of Clinical Excellence faculty discuss everything from evidence-based care to community outreach to population health.

PT Pintcast - Sharing physical therapy knowledge with the experts over a beer.

GERIonICE Show (Senior Rehab) - Focuses on rehabilitation and clinical care for older adults.

Therapy Insiders - Wonderful source of knowledge on physical therapy, entrepreneurship, self-development, and more.

Untold Physio Stories - Great discussions about PT school, clinical care, and professional development.

The Working Therapist - Pediatric therapist provides insights into improving a child's quality of life from a multidisciplinary approach.


Occupational Therapy

Everyday Evidence Podcast Series - Official podcast of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Glass Half Full: Occupational Therapy Talk - Great resource on topics relating to activity analysis and occupation-based care.

Lifestyle By Design: Helping You Solve Everyday Challenges - Listen to stories of OT experts tackling everyday challenges.

Occupational Therapy Insights - Breaking down occupational therapy to better understand its applications.

Occupied Podcast - Discussions on all things about occupational therapy.

OT School House - Discussions for school-based occupational therapists.

O.T. Talk with Mr. T - Examining the everyday roles of occupational therapy.

Seniors Flourish Podcast - Learn how occupational therapy can improve the lives of older adults.

Start a Therapy Practice - Guest talks about the business side of occupational therapy.

Trojans Talk OT - Student-led show featuring leading OT experts in innovation and leadership.

Speech-Language Pathology

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association podcast series - Official ASHA podcast featuring guest talks with SLP experts.

Conversations in Speech Pathology - Discussing contemporary trends and issues in speech-language pathology.

Down the Hatch - Special focus on clinical care for swallowing.

Private Practice Success Stories - Guest interviews with private-practice SLPs.

Speech Science - Includes interviews with SLP experts, client success stories, and the latest news of the field.

StutterTalk - Honest and eye-opening conversations about stuttering.

Teach Me to Talk - Learn more about pediatric speech-language pathology.


Correctional Nurse Today - Focuses on nurses working in prisons and jails. Podcast - Provides tools and insights for students to succeed in nursing school.

Nurse Talk - Latest news and updates in the nursing world.

The Nursing Show - Excellent source of nursing news, tips and tricks of the nursing trade, and special guest talks.

Nursing Uncensored - Funny and serious conversations on all things about nursing.

RNFM Radio - Challenging common conceptions of the nurse's roles.

SAGE Nursing and Other Health Specialties Podcast - Official SAGE podcast relating to the nursing professions.

Your Next Shift - Features tips and stories to maximize your success as a career nurse.

LinkedIn - Connect with professionals in your field

Medical Dictionary: Healthcare Definitions & TerminologyiOS and Android

Office Lens - Capture and digitize whiteboard notes

Presentation Tools

  • Educreations - Record your iPad screen, with whiteboard tools, and share
  • Emaze - Professionally designed presentation templates for your content
  • Haiku Deck - Instant presentations, just add content
  • Prezi - A more creative alternative to PowerPoint

3D Brain - Interactive brain map with information about case studies, brain damage, and other research

Anatomy Tools

Distraction-Free Tools

  • Calmly Writer - distraction-free word processor with cloud storage
  • Cold Turkey - block specific websites while you're studying
  • Writer - Google Chrome plug-in. Internet word processor

Medical Dictionary: Healthcare Definitions & TerminologyiOS and Android

Nerve Whiz - Mobile reference tool to learn about the neuromuscular system (Available only for iOS devices)

NPTE-PT Pocket Prep - Exam preparation tool for the National Physical Therapy Exam

Office Lens - Capture and digitize whiteboard notes

OTR Pocket Prep - Exam preparation tool for the NBCOT Occupational Therapist Registered examination

Pomodoro Timer (iOS and Android)- Counts 20 and 5 minute intervals, per the Pomodoro Technique

Quizlet - Flash cards, tests, and study games

SimpleMind - Mind mapping tool for iPhone or iPad

SpeedRead - Online game to help improve reading speed and comprehension

StudyBlue - Create flashcards importing notes from Evernote