The University of St. Augustine Library team has established a Long Range Plan, covering the years 2020-2022. The plan includes eight goals that demonstrate the ambitious and exciting future of our University and its library:

1.      Support faculty research efforts

2.      Manage and encourage digital publishing efforts across the University

3.      Increase access to library resources and services

4.      Improve and advance the library’s online presence

5.      Build community engagement with the libraries on campus and online

6.      Support technology innovation

7.      Strengthen library staffing and employee development

8.      Assess library resources and services for continuous improvement

For further details, read the full Long Range Plan, 2020-2022.


In order to track and assess the work we are doing toward this long range plan, the library team will compile and disseminate a long range plan check-in and update annually. Individual objectives under each goal may be assessed in more quantitative ways, based on the Unit Outcomes Plan – Library.