Lower Limb

Head & Neck

Pectoral Region & Axilla

Upper Limb
Forearm & hand
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Palpations with Dr. Jeff Rot

Practical Exam & Gait Videos
History of Manual Therapy Lecture by Dr. Stanley V. Paris

Massage: Flex

Massage Techniques
Student Mock Practical
Joint Mobility
Palpations and Special Tests
Spine Content
The Shoulder
Legg-CalveĢ-Perthes Disease
Kathleen Dunn - SCI Lecture
NDT Lab Techniques
OP/High Level Eval
PNF UE Bilateral
PNF Scapula
PNF Pelvis
PNF Lower Extremity
Strength Training
ASIA Scale
Secondary Stroke Prevention
Overview of Sensory Testing

Pain Lecture by Dr. Stanley V. Paris

Prosthetics Gait Deviations
Richard Green Lecture
SCI Dependent Wheelchair Transfers
KS/SCI: spinal cord injury
Aquatic Spine Stabilization

Manual Resistive Exercises
Writing Case Reports
Patient mobility, gait, rolling, PNF, Rx session
Fine Motor Skills
TBI and Ataxia
LAB Exercises
Parkinson's Disease
QUEST Demonstration
Multiple Sclerosis
Introduction to Common UMN Disorders