Thursday, November 04, 2021

November is Academic Writing Month (or #AcWriMo).

Similar to the wildly popular National Novel Writing Month (or #NaNoWriMo), November has become a time to focus on academic writing.

For those needing to get writing done before the end of the year, November is the perfect opportunity for taking the time to write and focus on the work.

For anyone wanting to get inspired, below are three ebooks that will help get you started.

Whethere you are working on making a personal commitment to write, trying to decrease writing anxiety, or are looking for guidance on the process, there is something in these books that bolster that work.

Journal Article Writing and Publication : Your Guide to Mastering Clinical Health Care Reporting Standards

Writing the Literature Review : A Practical Guide

A Writer's Toolkit for Occupational Therapy and Health Care Professionals : An Insider's Guide to Writing, Communicating, and Getting Published


Blog post contributed by Esther García, MLIS – Dallas Campus